NECA Halloween II Retro Figures

The Night He Returned…

Yesterday NECA revealed three retro figures from Halloween II. During the Christmas period, NECA showed off a teaser image of the artwork for a Halloween II Retro Michael Myers.

Now NECA has revealed a surprise two-pack for Halloween II. A Retro Halloween II set containing figures of Dr. Sam Loomis and Laurie Strode. I have to say this really did take me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting this at all and makes me wonder what they’ll reveal at Toy Fair next month!

The Halloween II Michael Myers figure looks absolutely fantastic. I really like the ultimate Halloween II Michael Myers (even though I don’t have it yet) and this figure looks equally impressive and I have to say the Retro format suits, Michael Myers, perfectly.

Michael Myers comes with interchangeable right hands, interchangeable head, knife, scalpel, syringe, and hammer. I like that they’ve given Michael all his weapons he uses in the film. I also love the blood tears head too.

The likenesses to Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis are absolutely fantastic! Especially with Jamie Lee Curtis as we’ve never had a Halloween or Halloween II Laurie Strode figure before. I know that NECA has released a Dr. Sam Loomis figure before in the highly sought after The Night He Came Home Box Set which came out years ago. It’s really nice that NECA is releasing another Dr. Loomis figure.

The soft goods on these figures look great and don’t look oversized at all, This is most impressive with Dr. Loomis as he has a long coat and that could look too big or baggy on him and it doesn’t, it looks absolutely perfect! The hospital gown on Laurie looks great and I love the attention to detail with her bandaged up hand and foot.

Accessory wise these two figures come with the Halloween II poster pumpkin which came with the Ultimate Halloween II Michael Myers. They also include an interchangeable hand for Dr. Loomis which comes holding a lighter. Then finally they include two revolvers one for Loomis and one for Laurie to stand off against Michael.

Overall I’m really impressed with these reveals and as I love the NECA Retro figures I would definitely love to get the three of these as they would look fantastic on display! These figures will be released in May and are must-haves for Halloween fans!

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