NECA Halloween 2018 Ultimate Laurie Strode Packaging

She’s come home.

A few months ago NECA fully revealed Ultimate Laurie Strode from Halloween 2018 and now they’ve revealed the packaging she’ll be coming in. Now that we’ve seen the packaging shots we know that this figure will be hitting store shelves on June 17th.

I haven’t got my hands on Halloween 2018 Michael Myers yet but I’ll definitely be getting him along with Laurie as she looks absolutely excellent and she comes stacked with accessories.

The likeness to Jamie Lee Curtis is excellent on both head sculpts and I love how they’ve done the glasses on the glasses wearing head. Like all ultimate figures, Laurie will feature over 25 points of articulation. Accessory wise she’ll come with two interchangeable heads, interchangeable hand, lever rifle, shotgun, revolver and a knife that can be stored in the sheath at her waist.

I know many fans including myself who would love to pick up this figure as it’s an excellent looking figure of one of the most iconic horror heroes of all time and she comes with a lot of accessories to kick Michael’s ass with.

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