NECA Half-Life Dr. Gordon Freeman Figure Review

The other day I got another package in the mail from NECA. So join me as we take a look at the NECA Half-Life Dr. Gordon Freeman Figure Review! I have been very excited about this figure for a long time and now he’s finally here!

Also released with Dr. Gordon Freeman was the Head Crab plush. I am not too into plush toys.

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The packaging that Dr. Gordon Freeman comes in is of course the signature NECA clamshell. On the top is a nice large Half-Life 2 logo and behind Gordon is a mix between a cityscape and a bridge scene. I can’t quite tell exactly what it is.

On the back of the card, there is a big orange Half-Life 2 logo, exactly how it should look, on a large cube. The text reads:

To some, he’s the savior of humanity: the One Free Man who will lead us to victory against our alien oppressors. To the Black Mesa Science Team, he’s Dr. Freeman: MIT graduate, research scientist, handy with a crowbar in a pinch. But to the rest of us he’s simply Gordon Freeman. Friend of Vortigaunts, protector of scientists (except for Dr. Breen), tireless foe of the endless Combine army. Gordon is Everyman. He is us. When Alyx Vance gazes into Gordon Freeman’s eyes and gives him that special look (you know the one), you know it’s meant for you. Because you are Gordon. We all are. As long as he’s on our side, humanity still has one last hope. Don’t let the horn-rimmed glasses fool you: He might be a geek but he ain’t no nerd.

Being a big Half-Life fan myself this just made my inside child rage and I just couldn’t resist opening him right in the moment I read that. Good thing I had a bunch of extras to take packaged pictures of.

Overall the packaging is very appealing. I think if there would have been some art with the figure that would have just been a slam dunk for the packaging.

Out of The Box

Out of the box, I instantly fell in love with my man Dr. Gordon Freeman. I was a Half-Life fan since it was first released in 1998. He looks pretty game accurate but not exactly. I am still satisfied with him though, he’s one of a kind. He’s got nice paint apps, over 20 points of articulation, glasses with plastic actually in them for lenses, and a ton of accessories.

For accessories, he has 2 sets of hands, a crowbar, bugbomb, a gravity gun, and his own headcrab! What more could you ask for Gordon to come with? I mean seriously. NECA covered just about everything here.

He stands just short of 7″ tall and all of his proportions look pretty good.


For articulation, I was pretty impressed with quite a few parts. He has:

  • Ball joint head
  • Swivel/Hinge shoulders
  • Swivel/Hinge elbows
  • Ball joint wrists
  • Ball joint torso
  • Swivel/Hinge hips
  • Swivel/Hinge Knees
  • Pivot ankles

The head and wrist joints are very nice. They have tons of range of movement and are really nice for posing him. His shoulders, elbows, and knees don’t move as much as I would have liked for them to move. You can only get them to about 45 degrees due to his armor. It’s understandable but undesirable.

For his ball joint torso you can pretty much just call it a swivel joint because that’s pretty much all it does. Overall the articulation is a let down but I am not going to complain because heck, I got a Gordon Freeman action figure!


The paint on this figure looks great. NECA made the paint look kind of battle damaged and pulled it off pretty well. There is a little bit of sloppy paint work on the chest with the orange paint but besides that he is pretty awesome.

If I could ask for more I would ask for a little bit more damage to the suit. Some places look like that area of the suit is new and then there is just a tiny scratch in the middle of it. It just doesn’t look right if you are looking up close at him.

The orange paint on his chest also doesn’t really match the paint that is on his arms or legs. Well actually his left arm matches his chest and the right arm and the legs don’t. Maybe it is just my figure though.

One cool thing though, he has a 5’oclock shadow!


As for the sculpt it looks great. As said before there are scratches sculpted on places of the suit that make it look battle damaged. I like this. His head sculpt looks pretty good and I like the glasses too. His hair and goatee both have the hair texture.

The abdomen area of his suit is textured kind of like chain mail. This doubled with the paint apps applied to it really add to the suit. One thing to note about the suit is that the orange pieces on his thighs are actually separate from the figure. You can’t remove them but you can slide them up and down or twist them however you like.

I really like this figure even though there are some things that could be improved. If you are a Half-Life fan at all there is going to be no way that you can let this guy slip through your fingers. The accessories he comes with are awesome and the figure is pretty good (for the most part). This is a must have figure.

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Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for this NECA Gordon Freeman action figure.

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