NECA Gremlins Ultimate Christmas Gremlin revealed!

A Gremlins release just in time for Christmas!

Late last night NECA had a little surprise up their sleeve for their Gremlins line by announcing a brand new Gremlins figure. This Gremlin, like the Back to School Gremlin, is based on marketing material for the film. Now, this figure is based on the marketing material which was released around Christmas.

I’m not familiar with this marketing material, then again Gremlins was released long before I was born so I don’t have any attachment to this. Though I do love the Gremlins figures that NECA has released so far in this line and Christmas Gremlin is no different!

As you can see this Gremlin comes in a soft goods Santa suit and hat and will also come with candy cane, a gift sack and a Gizmo figure to fit in the sack. I think this is the first time in the line we have a Gizmo that’s in scale with the Gremlins!

I would love to get this figure when it’s released later this year and if you’re a Gremlins fan I would imagine you would do the same!

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