NECA Gremlins Christmas Carols 2-Pack

Well you know what they say about Gremlins…..

Just last night NECA revealed their latest additions to the Gremlins line which is a two pack of two Gremlins wishing the residents of Kingston Falls a Merry Christmas!

In the two pack you’ll be getting two Gremlins wearing winter clothes, they’ll be coming with sheet music, candy and some gingerbread men. It’s unclear if they’ll come with multiple interchangeable pieces of clothing or if they’ll be variant two packs, Though I’m sure that will be revealed before the figures are released in September.

Other than the winter clothes and the other accessories these will be the same exact Gremlins as the Ultimate Gremlin. I haven’t got any of the Gremlins yet so I have a lot of catching up to do before September and I’ll certainly have a number of Gremlins on display running amok.

If you are a big fan of Gremlins I would highly recommend this two pack when it’s released.

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