NECA Friday The 13th 2009 Ultimate Jason Gallery

Ultimate Jason 2009 Looks Fantastic!

Just like NECA promised they have uploaded the gallery to their Ultimate 2009 Jason Voorhees and he looks excellent.

I always intended to get this Ultimate Jason and the gallery makes it a  must-have. I must admit I’ve always dug the design of the Jason from the 2009 film. And NECA has knocked it out of the park with this Jason. They’ve copied his look in the film perfectly.

As Derek Mears played Jason in this film, this Jason will stand over many of the Jason’s that NECA has released so far as he has a very imposing stature. And this figure looks very imposing and menacing.

As Jason lives in the woods his clothed are very dirty and show signs of wear and tear. The texture work is brilliant as well and I love the mask. This is definitely a major upgrade from the previous figure with more articulation, more accessories, and a better paint job.

On that note, I have to say the mask looks fantastic.

This version of Jason comes with most of his accessories to murder hapless teens. He comes with his machete, axe, fire poker, hammer, and screwdriver. He also comes with an interchangeable sack head and a removable mask for his normal head and has a sheath for his machete which is sweet!

This figure is a must-have if your a fan of this Jason and the 2009 film. Expect this figure to be released in the spring next year.











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