NECA Evil Dead 40th Anniversary Ash Tease

Earlier this year NECA announced that they had the rights to the Evil Dead which celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year by revealing a few accessories for an Ash figure from that original film and now NECA has given us another look of Ash from the film. It’s not a full reveal just a first look at the Ash figure. And from the first impression, I have to say it looks very much like Bruce Campbell and I cannot wait to see what the full reveal looks like.

We do see some of the accessories that Ash will come with which are the tape player which starts it all, a lamp, and a double-headed axe. It’s unknown what other accessories he’ll be coming with but I am guessing a shotgun and interchangeable heads will be part of the release. It’s unclear when this figure will be released later this year or early next but I am very excited about this figure. Hopefully, this also means some Ultimate Army of Darkness figures are in the pipeline as well.

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