NECA Dynamic Action Figure Stands Are Now Available

NECA Dynamic Action Figure Stands with figure

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time collecting action figures, you’ve probably got more than a few. And though I may only be speaking for myself (though I suspect I’m not), there are more than a few times when I’ve wanted to set up various scenes or poses, and it’s just not possible with most figures. Well, NECA is here to lend a hand or arm as it were, with a newly released stand.  That’s right, the NECA Dynamic Action Figure Stands are ready for purchase.

Details on the NECA Dynamic Action Figure Stands

The stands are made out of clear plastic and are compatible with most figures in the 5 to 10-inch size range. The telescoping stand is articulated, with a segment of the main arm being removable to better allow you to control the figure’s center of gravity. The stands also come with two bases, one that allows for vertical posing, and a second suction cup base that can be attached to walls, glass, mirrors and other surfaces to allow for horizontal displaying.

Back in February, the folks over at Toyark were able to get their hands on some stands, and they had a very positive overall reaction to them.  Here’s their Pros and Cons summary to give you an idea of how they felt:


  • A lot of posing possibilities
  • Suction cup base works great
  • Arm holds position even with heavier figures attached
  • Works well with a variety of figure sizes
  • Clamp hold tight, even in unconventional spots


  • None that I could find

That sounds good to me!

Ordering Details

The NECA Dynamic Action Figure Stands are available online through NECA’s Amazon store, as well as through Entertainment Earth. The stands cost $9.99 each, which isn’t bad at all. Now, I can finally put together a true Wolverine / Colossus “Fastball Special.”

By Anders Clark

Anders Clark loves action figures and grew up with Star Wars figures, Battle Beasts, MOTU and more.

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