NECA Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate Strongheart & Zarak.

During SDCC last year NECA showed off two more of their upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate figures with them being Strongheart & Zarak which I did get a good look at during my visit there and these galleries showcase these figures very well. Just like Warduke & Grimsword, these two figures look amazing and incredibly well-detailed!

It’s great to get a hero character in the line now with Strongheart who looks fantastic. His armor and chainmail look incredibly well detailed in the 7″ scale. The helmet with all its decoration and articulated face guard looks impeccable. The face beneath the helmet looks fantastic and suits the character very well and I adore the look of the cape and the chain across his neck. I don’t think it has a wire in it, but then again I don’t think he needs one. The weapons and shield he comes with give a lot of great display options and to be honest I am quite torn on how I’d display this figure. The interchangeable hands are just the icing on the cake with how you can display the figure.

Zarak looks equally impressive, especially at his smaller stature. He’s incredibly well-detailed and comes packed with a lot of accessories as well. I love the interchangeable head and both of them look outstanding. I love all the weapons that he comes with and indicates he is used to taking on the stealthy approach when tackling the heroes. My favorite accessory though has to be the grapple hook that he comes with.

I’m being honest I don’t know much about the classic Dungeons and Dragons toyline, but I do love NECA’s modern interpretation of them so I’ll definitely be after them along with Warduke and Grimsword which I have yet to have picked up yet.

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