NECA Dungeons & Dragons Elkhorn

During SDCC back in July, NECA showcased one new figure in their growing Dungeons & Dragons line with Elkhorn, we have not seen his wave mate yet, but I reckon we will soon at Toy Fair at the end of this month or at NYCC next month. I remember seeing Elkhorn in images and videos from SDCC and I was really impressed with him and the new gallery showcases him very well.

As you can see he comes with plenty of accessories and not just a wide variety of weapons. The array of interchangeable hands is great and offers him many possibilities. I love the shouting head as well. I am very impressed with the weapon storage with the sword sheath attached to the backpack and another slot on the other side to house another weapon.

I didn’t know that the backpack could open! which you could house other accessories such as the jug, heartstone, and gemstone. The weapons and shield are very well detailed and the articulation works very well with his smaller frame, much like the upcoming (for us in the UK) Zarak.

This figure is a must-have for me as I really love NECA’s Dungeons and Dragons line. I can’t wait for this to pop up for pre-order here in the UK. The figure is scheduled to be released at the end of this year.

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