NECA Dungeons and Dragons figures revealed!

Last week NECA teased that they have the license to Dungeons and Dragons with a hint of a close-up look at a figure and now they have revealed the first two figures in the line. It should be noted that these figures are based on the classic toy line from the ’80s. I am not too familiar with the line as that was before my time and I know that these are classic characters and as I have not played D&D but I am guessing these are iconic characters.

Not knowing much about D&D I am still very much interested in these as these designs are absolutely fantastic. These figures are incredibly well detailed which you come to expect from NECA. NECA hasn’t done that many fantasy figures (I think the last fantasy line NECA did was the Castlevania and Conan The Barbarian figures. The detailing on these is insane and I love the accessories too and they are so well detailed.

Apparently, these figures will be released at the end of the year in the US. There are no details as of yet where they will be available as a store exclusive or available everywhere. Also, there are no details of how they will be available internationally. I am very keen to see picture galleries when they get closer to release as these look brilliant.

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