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NECA Dinosaurs pre-orders are now live!

At SDCC last year, NECA dropped a surprise reveal. Revealing that they had the Dinosaurs license and that they’ll be doing 7″ ultimate figures from the cult classic sitcom from the early 90s. I don’t remember watching the series at all, but I remember the character designs. The first two figures that they are doing, which they also revealed during SDCC are Earl Sinclair & Baby Sinclair.

They only showed off the figures and didn’t show any accessories at all. I was blown away when I saw them at SDCC last year and they look exactly how they did in the series. It’s nice to have some more of Jim Henson’s creations on the shelf, maybe they could crossover with the NECA Movie Turtles in your display!

Both figures are fully articulated and come with plenty of accessories and cost $40.00 each. I am very impressed with how much they were able to pack with Baby, though it does make sense as he’s a much smaller figure. Earl comes with a lot of accessories as well and they all look fantastic.

I don’t know all that much about the series, but I really love the look of these figures and they look too good to pass up like ALF which I am yet to pick up. Hopefully, we’ll see more of the Dinosaurs figures at SDCC later this month, and hopefully, they’ll be up for pre-order soon here in the UK!

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