NECA D.C Comics Vs Dark House SDCC Two-Packs

This week NECA revealed their final SDCC Exclusives.

In 2017 Toy Fair NECA revealed that they’ll be releasing DC Comics vs Aliens & Predator Two packs. Though due to licensing issues they couldn’t be released. Now that the dust has settled NECA will be releasing two DC VS Dark House two packs as SDCC Exclusives.

It’s great to see an updated look on these two packs as we only saw them at Toy Fair in 2017 and I have to say they look fantastic. I haven’t read these comics though I do know that they did crossover and that Batman battled a Predator.

The two packs consist of Superman vs Alien and Batman vs Predator. All figures are fully articulated and feature over 30 points of articulation.

All four figures look great and so well detailed and incorporate the comic book aesthetic perfectly. Both two packs come with plenty of accessories, especially for Predator and Superman. As we’ve never seen a comic book Batman or Superman I’m very impressed by what NECA has produced. I especially love the gritted facial expression that they’ve given Batman as it reminds me of Judge Dredd.

Batman features a fabric cape and comes with a gun and bat accessory as well as a removable faceplate. The Predator features 2 heads, removable backpack, retractable wrist blades and spear accessory.

Superman features a fabric cape and comes with attachable eye blast effect as well as two interchangeable heads and hands. The Alien stands approximately 9” tall and has a bendable tail.

Even though I can’t get these two packs as their SDCC Exclusives and they aren’t likely to see a retail release I really do love them. Though I do remember Rebellion being interested in working with NECA to possibly release a Judge Dredd vs Dark House two pack and if that ever happens I’ll be ecstatic!

I should mention that like all the other NECA SDCC Exclusives they’ll be available online in limited quantity and will be available on the SDCC show floor next month and that they’ll cost $60.

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