NECA Crash Bandicoot Deluxe Scuba Gear Crash Bandicoot Gallery!

The Crash Bandicoot Line Continues To Grow!

NECA is steadily releasing a line of Crash Bandicoot figures. The latest one to be announced is Scuba Crash.

I can’t exactly remember what game this version of this Crash appears in but I do remember him using Scuba gear in one of the games on the PS1.

NECA has created a brand new head sculpt for this Crash Bandicoot and given him scuba gear as well. The detailing on the scuba gear is excellent and matches its in-game model from the remaster perfectly. I love the wear and tear on the tanks themselves. If you look closely you can see there are variations of yellow paint on the tanks which are a fantastic added touch.

The image gallery is absolutely fantastic for this figure, especially in the swimming shots. You can expect this figure to be released in the first quarter of 2019. Also, NECA has said that they have figures of other characters in the works. Undoubtedly we’ll see them at Toy Fair next year.

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