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NECA Comic-Con 2021 Reveals.

Earlier this week NECA held an online Comic-Con panel revealing some brand new products from their biggest licenses and had a great number of products revealed from them including some figures I really want to get. NECA had also said that they’ll be doing another panel later this year and reveal more figures and new licenses as well. It should be also noted that the figures that were revealed will be released between August and October this year. Here’s a breakdown of what they revealed. There aren’t any official images but images from the online panel. There certainly was a lot of TMNT figures and I was really impressed with the movie figures as they are the only ones I collect as the cartoon lines there’s far too much for me to collect and I am to late to start.

It was a bit light on the horror front but they did say they will be revealing more horror figures later this year on their next panel. I was really impressed with the Halloween II Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis two-pack and I am very impressed that Donald Pleasence is getting an ultimate figure of one of his most iconic characters. It was also great to see more of the Universal Monsters The Mummy figure which looked fantastic I cannot wait to know more about this one and what other accessories he’ll come with and I wonder what other Universal Monsters we’ll see later in the year and early next year.

I haven’t collected any NECA Retro figures in a while and I have to say the Bride of Chucky two-pack looks great. I have the original Ultimates release which is fantastic and this looks equally impressive. The soft goods don’t look oversized in any way and the plastic hair on both Chucky and Tiffany look great. We also got a tease of Creepshow Ultimate Creeper figure. They have only shown off the packaging so far for this one. They also showed off another MacReady from The Thing, this one is the Station Survivor version and you can see with this one that he comes with a pistol belt, the flamethrower, a petri dish with a blood sample, and a bundle of dynamite. NECA has said that there will be other accessories but they haven’t revealed those yet nor how this figure will be released. I’m still waiting for the first one to come up for pre-order here in the UK.

As NECA has been releasing a number of Gremlins 2 figures lately they have revealed three more for the line up which is a Demolition two-pack and The Brain. All of these figures look fantastic and it’s great to see the Gremlins 2 line up to expand even more.

Moving on to TV properties they had quite a lot to show. For the Gargoyles line, they showed Demona and Thailog who is an evil Gargoyle. I know that Demona is a bit evil herself and both of these figures look fantastic. NECA had a lot of figures to show for their Defenders of The Earth line with a comic book-inspired wave with re-releases of Flash Gordon, Ming The Merciless, and The Phantom and they really do look fantastic especially the Phantom.

NECA has also said they will be revealing more classic pulp comic book figures down the line and hinted at Zorro. They also revealed that will be SDCC Exclusive versions of Flash and Ming on 70 inspired comic book cards that will be available to order from Thursday. They will also be revealed a Flash Gordon movie-inspired two-pack as they don’t have the license to the film and this will be a Walmart exclusive and I have to say I love the inclusion of the movie accessories and the slight re-design to Ming.

It looks like we’ll be getting more The Boys figure and NECA revealed two more figures of the Seven which are Black Noir and A-Train. They didn’t fully reveal the figures but gave a look at the work in progress and I hope we get more of the Seven and hopefully more characters that have and will appear in the series. NECA revealed a ton of cartoon TMNT series figures as I am not at all familiar with the cartoon series as it was a bit before my time I don’t know any of these characters are though I do really like the look of them and they come with tons of accessories to boot. It should be mentioned that the Channel 6 Crew set will be an SDCC exclusive set that will be available on Thursday.

What I’m really excited about is that NECA is going to bring back the Mirage TMNT line which was their first TMNT line from many years ago. We don’t know what figures they’ll be releasing in this line it is unknown. It’s also unknown in what line that the Tokka and Rahzar two-pack will be released in, though I am hoping they’ll re-release the Secret of The Ooze two-pack as I missed out on that one.

They did fully reveal the Secret of the Ooze Shredder figure and he looks great, I love the new head sculpt, helmet and cape and he comes with plenty of accessories as well by the look of things. Also, they revealed an unmasked Casey Jones which I am really excited about, I have the two-pack with the Raphael in Disguise which I really love but I’ll definitely be getting this one too as he looks fantastic in this Ultimate release which comes with all the same accessories that the two-pack Casey came with, but with a masked head and a mask, he can hold. I’ll definitely be getting this one and I wonder what other TMNT movie figures will get Ultimate releases and NECA has said they’ll be releasing more movie figures which I am very excited about.

Then finally there was Back To The Future and NECA didn’t reveal too much aside from an updated look at the Griff Tannen from Back to The Future Part 2 which looks amazing and a look at the Back To The Future 85 Doc Brown figure, we don’t know much about this figure at the time but this first impression looks great. NECA also said that there will be a Back to The Future accessory set which sounds very exciting and they have plans for more figures which is great as the BTTF line which is one of my favorite NECA lines.

Here’s a breakdown of the reveals from NECA.

Back to the Future

  • Griff Tannen
  • Doc Brown 85′ (Jumpsuit)

The Defenders of Earth

  • Flash Gordon (Comic Version)
  • Ming The Merciless (Comic Version)
  • The Phantom (Comic Version)
  • Flash Gordon (Movie Inspired Version)
  • Ming The Merciless (Movie Inspired Version)

The Boys

  • Black Nior
  • A-Train

Bride of Chucky

  • Chucky and Tiffany 8″ Scale 2-Pack

Halloween II

  • Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis 2-Pack

Creepshow (Movie)

  • The Creep Ultimate Figure

The Thing

  • R.J. MacReady (Station Survivor) Ultimate Figure


  • AvP Arcade – Razor Claws (Movie Style Colors)
  • AvP Arcade – Chrysalis (Movie Style Colors)
  • AvP Arcade – Arachnoid (Movie Style Colors)


  • Lost Tribe Announcement

Gremlins 2

  • Demolition 2-Pack
  • Brain Gremlin


  • Demona
  • Thailog

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

  • Casey Jones Ultimate Figure with Unmasked Head
  • TMNT II – Shredder
  • Super Shredder (Classic Toy Inspired) with Dock Diorama Display

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Comics

  • Teaser

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon

  • Dirtbag and Groundchuck 2-Pack
  • Wingnut and Screw Loose
  • Channel 6 News Crew – April, Irma, Vernon, and Burne Thompson
  • Tokka and Rahzar

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