NECA Classic Universal Monsters Frankenstein’s Monster Figure Teaser

If you remember last year NECA had acquired the Universal Monsters license to produce a series of masks replicating the look of the classic Remco masks. Then later in the year, they announced they would be producing toys from the Hammer Horror films as well. Though as of yet we haven’t heard of NECA’s specific plans for that yet.

I did hope when I heard that NECA had acquired the Universal Monsters license that they would produce some action figures, though I did doubt they would as I thought they would just do masks. Now with this image that they have released of a figure of Frankenstein’s Monster pretty much confirms that NECA can do 7″ Universal Monster figures. From this teaser, you can definitely tell this is Boris Karloff’s Monster and it looks incredibly well detailed.

It’s also unknown if this figure will be in color or black and white. Though quite honestly I would love both. I would most certainly love to know what other monsters NECA plan to release in this line. I would definitely love to see Dracula and the Bride of Frankenstein figures too. Also, these will scale very well with NECA’s other 7″ horror figures.

We don’t have many details on this figure yet but i’m sure more details will be released in time.

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