Universal Monsters

NECA Christmas Teasers

On Christmas Day NECA dropped some teasers on some of their upcoming products and a newly acquired license I am very giddy about. First up they revealed the packaging for Bronx from their Gargoyles line, they showed off this figure a few months back and now we have our first look at the packaging which means we are getting close to the release date.

They also revealed two accessories for the upcoming Universal Monsters set which includes a Sarcophagus and a chest for The Mummy. We don’t know yet what other accessories the set will include for the other characters. This does look very exciting as I know fans have been clamouring for a Sarcophagus for the Mummy since they show the promos for it.

Continuing with the themes of accessory sets, NECA revealed an accessory that will be coming in the Back to The Future Accessory set. Einstein who is Doc Brown’s loyal pet dog doesn’t seem to be articulated in any way but he does come with a stopwatch around his neck. I’ll be curious to know what other accessories will come in it, I would imagine a Plutonium container, license plate, and fire trail possibly. Hopefully, NECA will reveal this soon because I am very excited to know what else comes in it.

Then finally for the reveal that I am very excited about, NECA announced on Christmas Day that they have the license to Krampus! I couldn’t believe it as I am a big fan of that film since I first watched it a few years ago! NECA did a fantastic job with the Ultimate & Retro Sam from Trick R’ Treat which was made by the same filmmaker and I’d imagine they would do an excellent job on this one too. I do wonder if we’ll get other figures aside from Krampus such as the Angel, Jack In The Box, Teddy Bear, Robot Toy, and, the Gingerbread Men!

I’d imagine he’d come with a sack full of his monsters, Krampus ball ball, and snowglobe. I cannot wait to see how big he is either! Roll on later next year so we can see what he’ll look like in figure form. Hopefully, we’ll know more about this in the New Year!

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