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NECA Cartoon TMNT Series 3

NECA’s Turtle Collection Continues To Grow, Cowabunga!

Just last year NECA started releasing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures based on the classic cartoon series in Target exclusively and towards the tail end of this year, NECA released Series 2.

Which contained the highly popular Bebop and Rocksteady. They are so popular NECA is restocking the Target stores till next February. So hopefully, I can find some in the wild on my trips to the US over the next few months. Though I know they’ll be hitting the UK sometime in the near future and hopefully, Series 2 will be available here soon!

Anyway NECA has now revealed Series 3, we saw these figures last year at SDCC where they got a lot of buzz for but NECA couldn’t specify what waves they would be in. Now they have revealed what Wave 3 consists of:

  • Casey Jones vs Slashed Foot Soldier
  • April O’Neil vs Bashed Foot Soldier
  • Leatherhead and Slash

I’m not that familiar with the cartoon series but I do love the look of the cartoon TMNT figures that NECA has released. Though I haven’t got any of them just yet. At the rate, they release these I better catch up soon!

The designs of these figures are absolutely fantastic! I really love the battle damaged look to the Foot Soldiers, They’ll definitely add variety to a cartoon foot clan display! I know many fans have been anticipating figures of April and Casey for a while and they both look fantastic and come with tons of accessories. The villains look great as well, I really love the sculpts of these especially Slash!

Also, NECA has revealed some behind the scenes shot of the Casey Jones figure to show off the figure’s articulation which is awesome! As you can see Casey and all the others are just as articulated as all the other TMNT cartoon figures that NECA has released so far!

These figures will be hitting store shelves this coming spring. I would definitely be getting these along with all the others I’ve missed so far and if your a fan of NECA’s TMNT cartoon figures these are must-have two packs!

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