NECA Bride of Chucky Two-Pack Gallery

Marriage is Murder

The more pictures I see of this NECA Ultimate 2-Pack the more I want it! NECA has also revealed the packaging for this two pack before unveiling this gallery.

If your a regular reader of this site you know how much I love NECA’s Ultimate Chucky figure, so I’ve been looking forward to this two-pack since they announced it at SDCC this year.

This gallery is absolutely fantastic as we get to see Chucky and Tiffany in incredible detail. There’s no doubt about it these two figures look amazing!

The details and paint look superb & very clean. The headsculpts look stunning and so expressive and the photos really show them off well.  The accessories look great as well and Chucky and Tiffany seem to hold them very well.

Much like Ultimate Chucky, I think I would need to get multiple two-packs of Chucky and Tiffany as they look out of this world!

This two-pack should be hitting store shelves soon.

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