NECA Back To The Future Ultimate Figures Revealed

That’s Heavy Doc

At Toy Fair earlier this year Hasbro revealed that they have the license to Back to the future by unveiling two figures which were 85′ Marty McFly and ‘Darth Vader’ Marty McFly from 55′. When I first saw the figures I have to say I was absolutely blown away!

The other week NECA said that they have more details and products to review for their Back To The Future line, though nothing happened because of a small licensing issue or something at the time.

Then today an email dropped in my inbox from NECA about a Back to the Future announcement. They released an official picture of the 85′ Marty McFly and to my surprise, they revealed two more Ultimate Back to the Future figures!

They revealed 2015 Marty McFly and a 55′ Biff Tannen as well which look absolutely incredible! I’m a massive fan of the Back To The Future trilogy and I am ecstatic that we’re getting other figures in the line outside of Marty and Doc (yes he’s coming) and NECA hinted that there’s more on the way!

I know that we’re going to get various figures of Marty and Doc from the three films which are fantastic and I’m really excited that we’ll be getting some of the supporting characters too. Hopefully, we can get figures of Lorraine Baines and George McFly down the line too! Though depends if they can get the rights to Lea Thompson and Crispin Glover.

Anyhow back to the figures that they revealed. I knew that 85′ Marty was coming and he looks fantastic and comes with all the accessories he used in 85′ The 2015 version looks absolutely fantastic and I love how well detailed is such as the auto-adjusting jacket and the self-lacing sneakers and I love that the hoverboard has NECA written on it and he includes the 2015 Pepsi bottle that’s just fantastic! The likeness to Michael J. Fox is amazing on both figures.

I was really surprised by the announcement of a Biff Tannen figure as I didn’t think we would see other characters outside of Doc and Marty and I’m incredibly happy that we are getting Biff. Tom Wilson does such a fantastic job playing Biff and the likeness to him is brilliant. It’s great that this figure covers the 55′ Enchanted Under The Sea scenes in Back to the Future and Part 2 due to the figure’s accessories which is a really nice edition especially the sports almanac! Hopefully, we’ll get an alternative 85′ version as well.

The Ultimate 85′ and 2015 Marty McFly and 55′ Biff Tannen should be hitting stores this September and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be getting these and I cannot wait to see more!

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