NECA Back to The Future Part II & Evil Dead Teasers.

Over the last week or so NECA has been dropping teasers for some of their upcoming products on social media as Toy Fair which is usually on at the time of year has been postponed till later this year due to Covid-19. So NECA has been revealing new products on their social media accounts.

As you already know NECA has the rights to The Back to The Future and they teased a Back To The Future Part II 2015 Doc Brown figure and we can see that he comes with a large case of money from different time periods and you can see he’s wearing his silver shades on his head. It’s unclear what other accessories Doc Brown will come with and I’m sure that they will be revealed soon enough.

The other tease which was just this past Wednesday was for the original Evil Dead which is 40 years old this year. I’m not the biggest fan of the original Evil Dead but I do love the sequels and the Ash vs Evil Dead series as well as the remake. The image shows a tape recorder, shotgun, double-headed axe, chainsaw, and a lamp which hints at there being an Ultimate Ash figure from the original Evil Dead in the works. Hopefully, as next year is the 30th anniversary of Army of Darkness and I’m hoping we see some figures from that film as well.

I am very keen to see what the Ash figure looks like and what other plans NECA has for the Evil Dead and Back to The Future licenses.

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