NECA Back To The Future Part II 2015 Doc Brown Preview

Just last night NECA uploaded some new pictures of their upcoming Back To The Future Part II 2015 Doc Brown. A few weeks ago NECA showed an image of the money case from the film and now we see the actual figure of 2015 Doc Brown. It should be mentioned that this figure is not a full reveal though as there are no packaging shots nor is it a full gallery of the figure or all his accessories. At the moment the only accessories that we can see at the moment is the money case and the silver glasses.

The figure itself looks fantastic and I love all the details on it and I have never noticed before that he has a translucent tie before and I have seen the film about dozen times. The head sculpt looks just as good as on the 55 Doc Brown figure. Also, I love the flashy shirt, coat, and trainers!

This figure is expected to be released in June of this year and more details and pictures are expected to be released in the near future.

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