NECA Back To School Ultimate Gremlin Packaging Shots

At SDCC at home earlier this year NECA revealed that they’ll be releasing a Back To School Ultimate Gremlin figure. If you don’t know back in 1984 when Gremlins was released there was a big marketing campaign for the film and one of those campaigns was seasonal themed posters.

And one of those posters was a Back to School themed one which aimed to entice school kids to see the film again before they went back to school.

This Gremlin is wearing a soft goods fabric outfit and comes with a baseball cap, a baseball, a baseball glove, a bus stop sign, a stack of school books, a lunchbox, and interchangeable hands. I really love the Gizmo lunchbox it looks great!

I have to say this is a fantastic looking figure and as I’m a sucker for Gremlins this is a must-have for me. Also, I really love the packaging for this release. I really like all the fun little details that they have added to it. Such as the chalk drawings on the back and the inside of the packagaing it’s a really sweet touch.

I should mention that this figure will be a Target exclusive in the States and will be released in September and it’ll be getting an international release but that date is unknown at the moment. Regardless this figure is a must-have if your a big fan of Gremlins.

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