NECA Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ezio Figure Review (Ivory Hooded)

This figure is kind of old (I am falling behind in reviews) but today we are going to take a look at the NECA Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ezio Figure Review! This figure was released last year in November.


The packaging is the standard for NECA. Clamshell packaging that some people hate and others love. I am kind of in the middle with it. It can take a while to open but if you open it right you can easily put the figure back in the package for storage.
On the front of the package you can see the figure nicely through the plastic. It reads 38 points of articulation and that it comes with 2 removable blades and 3 sets of hands.
On the back of the package you will see some art of the figure from the video game along with some other characters. On the bottom, you can see the ebony version of this figure. In my opinion, the ebony one looks way cooler.

Out of The Box

Out of the box my figure smelled like paint. He feels pretty nice though. He is kind of stiff out of the package but what do you expect. He looks pretty much exactly as he does in the video game. His body has a weird texture to it from the paint.
As said before he comes with 3 sets of hands. One set is open, one is a fist, and the third set is in a grabbing position. Not sure what he is supposed to grab onto since he just comes with 2 blades in his wrists. The blades are really fragile, mine broke within 5 minutes of me opening him.


This figure comes with loads of articulation once you get it loose enough. He has a ball joint head (can look up, down, right, and left), ball joint shoulders, swivel in the upper bicep, single hinge elbows, swivel in upper forearm, and a swivel/hinge wrists. Ezio has the torso crunch, ball joint waist (I think), swivel/hinge hips, swivel in the upper thighs, double joint knees, swivel at the top of the boot, hinge ankles, and hinged toes.
His knee joints are pretty awesome. You can bend his knees so far that his foot almost touches his butt. I wish he would have better elbow joints because as they are now you can’t even bend his elbows to 90 degrees. I am a fan of the toe joints. It allows for nicer walking poses.
Over all the articulation is pretty good with some of the joints hindered by the costume he is wearing. Nothing too major besides the elbows.


The paint is where this figure lacks the most. It can look nice from a distance but as soon as you get closer you will see how sloppy it is. What a same since the sculpt is actually really nice. If the paint was spot on then this figure would be great. I hate sloppy paint jobs.
I do like the paint they used for the metal parts. It actually looks like metal or iron.


NECA killed the sculpt. It is so amazing. There are tons of details that I keep finding! He even his nice sculpting on his legs that you don’t even see because of his cloak. I would have loved to see an alternate head for this figure though. Who wants to buy another figure just so that you can display him without the hood? Not this guy.

Should you buy this figure? That’s a real toss-up. Judging how bad my paint job is I don’t know if it will even be possible to find one with a good one. But, if you do, you should probably buy this guy if you like Assassin’s Creed.

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for the NECA Assassin’s Creed ivory hooded Ezio figure.

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