NECA An American Werewolf in London Werewolf figure revealed

Bad Moon Rising

Earlier this morning NECA revealed that they had the license to An American Werewolf in London by revealing an image of the werewolf action figure from the film. I know many fans of the film (including myself) have been pining for An American Werewolf in London line of figures for years.

We got pretty close with Sota Toys and Pop Culture Shock as I know Sota Toys released a figure of one of the nazi monsters from the dream sequence and Pop Culture Shock showed off prototype figures of the David Werewolf and a pretty torn up version of his best friend Jack. Unfortunately, nothing came of those figures after they were announced a few years ago. Fans have been asking NECA for the last number of years if they could get the license to the film and NECA has said that in the past they haven’t been able to get the rights.

But since last year NECA has gotten the rights to some of Universal Studio’s biggest licenses including Jaws, Universal Monsters, and Back to The Future Trilogy. So it was only a matter of time till they got the rights to An American Werewolf in London which is a Universal Studio’s film.

I have to say the figure of the David Werewolf figure looks absolutely incredible and looks exactly like Rick Baker’s iconic creature design from the film. It looks to be a terrifying and fantastic figure for your display and as you can already see it’s fully articulated as well. I wonder how NECA will release this as an Ultimate figure or in a two-pack of some kind with Jack. I also wonder if they have plans for more figures from the film as well?

I never thought in a million years that we would get An American Werewolf in London figures from NECA. It’s one of my grail lines knocked off the list and I hope that we’ll see The Thing and Escape from New York figures from NECA at some point and NECA did hint that they’ll be releasing some action heroes in the Ultimate format and Escape is 40 years old this year…….

Anyway back to the figure, we don’t know when this one will be released but I’m sure we’ll get more details on this figure at some point in the coming months.

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