NECA Aliens Fireteam Elite Reveals & Pre-Orders

Just yesterday NECA revealed two Alien figures from Aliens Fireteam Elite the figures are Elite Runner and Prowler. I have played the game and I am quite a big fan of it as it’s great fun to play with other people online and it’s a great alien-themed game after the abysmal Colonial Marines ( I love Isolation it’s a pity it didn’t sell as well as it should have)

It’s great that the game is getting some merchandise now and I thought it would be only a matter of time before NECA and/or Hiya Toys would reveal products. The runners are a basic enemy in the game who run and slash at you and the prowlers are tougher xeno’s who hide in certain parts of the map and pounce on you or one of your teammates.

Both of these figures do look great and are very accurate to their appearances in the game. These figures are expected to be released in June of this year and will cost $40 each. I wonder if we’ll see more figures from Aliens Fireteam Elite…

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