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NECA Is Bringing Back Aliens Action Figures for Hudson and Hicks!

The duo joins a Ripley and Newt two-pack of Aliens action figures also coming from NECA.

Over the years, NECA has received a lot of requests for re-releases of certain figures. And thanks to the ever increasing popularity of NECA’s Aliens line, Hicks and Hudson are usually at the top of the list. Well, as part of a 30th anniversary celebration of the series, NECA is bringing them back in a 2-pack, with all their original accessories. So if you missed picking up these bad boys when they first came out, now’s your chance to fix that gap in your collection!


Details on NECA’s Hudson and Hicks Aliens Action Figures

How tall will these figures be?

Hicks and Hudson, or as we affectionately refer to them as here at Action Figure Fury (not really), will be towering at 7”.

What will the articulation be like?

NECA’s site counted 30 points of articulation in these figures, so you can pose Hudson running away in terror in many different ways!

Let’s talk about the sweet accessories!

NECA absolutely blew the competition out of the water with these face sculpts. They’re authorized likenesses of the actors that played Hicks and Hudson, and the two pack comes with interchangeable heads for both characters! First, they come with a badass battle-cry helmeted combat sculpt, where the boys are looking real hardcore, and then they come with a head that expresses their true roles in the film: Hudson looks like he’s about to pee his pants, and Hicks looks bewildered and somewhat disturbed. In addition to my personal favorite part, the interchangeable head sculpts, is ready to do battle with pulse rifles, motion detectors, shoulder lamps, welding torches, shotgun and shotgun carrier.

How much is this going to run me?

The figures are available for pre-order over on Entertainment Earth for $39.99. Which is absolutely worth it.

When Will the Figures Be Released?

These figures will be available in January 2017.

Photos of NECA’s Hudson and Hicks Aliens Action Figures

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