NECA Alien 40th Anniversary Figures Revealed!

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream! On Alien’s 40th Anniversary!

Just last night NECA showed off a teaser image of Brett with the Alien and the packaging for the Alien 40th Anniversary figures which will be released later this year.

Here’s what’s NECA told up about these upcoming figures:

There will be three limited edition assortments, each with three figures. They will be available at Target, Walmart and Specialty Stores (online toy retailers), International fans won’t have to worry as these will be available to purchase outside of the US. Target, Walmart and the specialty stores will each have a different assortment. A few previously released figures will see a re-release in the new anniversary packaging but will be upgraded. There will be new accessories and/or facial printing tech for better actor likenesses.

We’ve seen a preview of Parker last year at SDCC and just before Christmas NECA showed off a brand new Ripley figure which will have the face printing tech along with some new accessories.

The packaging on these looks absolutely terrific, to be honest I would be very tempted to keep some of these on the card as they look so good!

I honestly cannot wait for these as NECA has been releasing some incredible looking figures lately and the face painting that I have seen on some of their latest figures are absolutely excellent! I’m sure more details will be released at Toy Fair next month and we’ll see the other figures that will be included in the assortments!

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