NECA ALF License Revealed

Yesterday NECA teased that they will be revealing a new license later that evening and that evening they revealed that they have the license to ALF. I am from the UK so the ALF sitcom is pretty alien to me as I have not seen it before and I don’t know where it aired in the UK. Though I know that the series is incredibly popular in the States and was a very popular sitcom in the mid-’80s to the early ’90s.

Not knowing much about the series at all I have to say the figure does look fantastic and from the images that I have seen from the series he looks incredibly faithful to his TV counterpart. The detailing in the figure is absolutely fantastic which is what you come to expect from NECA. By looking at this figure and the number of accessories he comes with I am guessing this will be an Ultimate release. On that note, the accessories look great too! I really do love the bowl of popcorn and the cat baguette. Though I am guessing there will be more accessories than they have shown already.

As NECA now has the license I do imagine that they will release more AlF figures, undoubtedly more figures of ALF but I am not sure if they’ll release figures of other characters from the series or spin-offs. It should be also noted that this figure is scheduled to be released sometime next year! Here are the official pictures from NECA:

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