NECA 31 Nights of Frights Night 4-10 Reveals

NECA continues their 31 Nights of Fright reveals with the reveals from nights 4-10. On the fourth, they revealed the artwork for the Panther Alien card for that release. I do like the artwork on these but I have missed out on most of these and the prices of these are creeping up a bit. Then on the next night, they revealed the packaging for the Captain Blake Toony Terrors figure. I really like the Toony Terrors figures and Captain Blake looks fantastic and the packaging looks sweet too. It is expected to be released next year.

Then next up is the packaging for the Retro Bride of Chucky two-pack which will be out next Spring. I really love the retro figures and I am looking forward to this and the packaging looks great and quite familiar to the Ultimate Two-Pack that they released. Then on the 7th night, they revealed a black and white version of the upcoming Universal Monsters Wolf-Man which is exactly like the other one but just in Black and White and I have to say it looks fantastic and I feel pretty torn if I’ll collect the black and white ones or the color ones, and I think it has to be both. Honestly, I think that the black and white wolfman looks incredible and even better than the color version as you can really appreciate the sculpt.

Then on the 8th night, they revealed that they would be bringing back the Gremlins Mogwai line by releasing the iconic Mogwai’s from Gremlins and Gremlins 2. This time they’ll be in all-new packaging inspired by the classic Gremlins trading cards and a new one will be joining them which is the punk Mogwai from the Mountain Dew advert earlier this year. This line of figures is scheduled to be released in March next year.

On the 9th night, they revealed the packaging for Ultimate Thailog who is one of the villains from Gargoyles. I don’t know much about this character but I really love the artwork for his packaging as it makes him look really menacing. Then on the 10th, they revealed a new head knocker which is Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas. That is all the reveals for now and it should be noted that the Gremlins Mogwai figures are up for pre-order from some retailers now.

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