NECA 31 Nights of Fright Reveals Part 2

I know it’s been a short while since I covered the NECA 31 Nights of Fright previews and over the last two weeks, NECA has revealed a lot here’s a list of the latest reveals.

  • Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Ultimate Figures
  • Body Knockers The Exorcist
  • Prey Ultimate Masked Feral Predator
  • Toony Terrors Series 7 Packaging
  • The Nun Ultimate Valak Preview
  • 30th Anniversary The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Universal Monsters The Invisible Man Packaging
  • Frankenstein’s Monster Body Knocker
  • The Bride of Chucky Life Size Dolls is Shipping Soon
  • Toony Terrors Svengoolie Preview
  • The Misfits Ultimate Figures Preview
  • Ghost Face Ultimate V.2

We saw a preview of the Ultimate Rob Zombie’s The Munsters figures at SDCC & NYCC with Herman Munster and Grandpa Munster. Now NECA has revealed Lily Munster all based on their appearances in Rob Zombie The Munster’s film. I know that the film hasn’t been well received but I cannot deny the figures like excellent and the likenesses look great. NECA is continuing its Body Knockers line with The Exorcist Regan.

After Prey was released in late August NECA announced that they would be doing a figure of Feral Predator from the film and we have been waiting a while for it, then just last week NECA revealed it and he looks incredible! The detailing looks fantastic and incredibly accurate to the film. His biomask looks incredible and I love all the accessories he comes with; it looks like he comes with his full arsenal of weapons. I am not sure if he’ll come with an unmasked head or not. Hopefully, we’ll see a full gallery soon and pre-order information.

Then there’s the Toony Terrors artwork for the figures that they revealed at SDCC earlier this year. What I found surprising was NECA revealing that they’ll be doing an Ultimate Valak figure from The Nun film. I know NECA did a Retro figure some time ago. Valak uses a lot of soft goods and looks really good and makes me think will NECA will do an Ultimate Elvira figure as NECA knows how to make soft goods work on the 7″ scale.

In the mid-2000s NECA did figures from A Nightmare Before Christmas figures which were very popular but fragile. I know Diamond Select Toys have done figures just recently as well, but have they lost the rights now and what is NECA’s plan for the license? I’m a big fan of the Universal Monsters line by NECA and I really like the look of the packaging I cannot wait for this figure to be released. Frankenstein’s Monster body knocker looks really good and I think it’s the first time they have done a Universal Monster body knocker.

The Bride of Chucky dolls was initially up for pre-order three years ago and have been delayed numerous times over the years. These look great and were incredibly expensive and I know fans have been waiting a long time for these. I’m from the UK so I am not entirely familiar with Svengoolie who’s a horror host in the US akin to Elvira.

Recently a number of toy companies have been producing action figures of musicians most notably Super7 with their Ghost and Motorhead figures and a few others. NECA has done Retro figures of The Fiend which is The Misfits mascot. I’m unsure what the Ultimate Misfits figures mean does it mean figures of The Fiend or members of the band itself? Hopefully, NECA will reveal more details soon.

Then just last night NECA revealed Ultimate Ghostface Version 2. NECA doesn’t have the rights to Scream but has the rights to the costume made by Fun World. This one looks a bit different from the first Ultimate Ghostface with a removable cloak and a bulletproof vest with a host of new masks and some brand new weapons that we saw in the Scream universe films Stab films.

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