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NECA 31 Nights of Fright Reveals Part 1.

This year like last year NECA is holding its 31 Nights of Fright event and at the time of writing it is the 8th of October I’ll cover reveals up to this point in time. Here’s a list of the reveals so far:

  • Universal Monsters Ultimate Lon Chaney Phantom of The Opera
  • Elvira Body Knocker
  • Universal Monsters Ultimate Creature of the Black Lagoon Accessories
  • Universal Monsters TMNT Phantom of The Opera Casey Jones
  • Chucky TV Series 1 Ultimate Chucky Tease
  • Universal Monsters TMNT Invisible Man Donatello Images
  • Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Zombo With Crumble Creature Crackers

Overall so far I am very impressed with the reveals. Especially a new Chucky Ultimate figure from the Chucky series and the Lon Chaney Phantom of The Opera which was a big surprise. I haven’t seen the Chucky Series yet but I can imagine this figure of Chucky will come with a multitude of accessories including various heads and weapons. I’m very happy that they are tackling the series and I have found it odd that NECA hadn’t announced anything up to this point.

I know the 1925 Phantom of The Opera is a Universal Pictures film so it does make him part of the Universal Monsters line. I was absolutely blown away by the likeness to Lon Chaney in the makeup. If you didn’t know better you would think it’s a colorized still. I cannot wait to see the rest of the accessories he comes with and I can imagine his accessory set will be the organ!

I was very impressed with the Phantom of The Opera Casey Jones which looks incredible, especially the figure of him that NECA has on display at NYCC which was the base figure without the hockey accessories and an unbroken mask. I’ve recently found out that this figure was designed by Paul Harding and he has done a marvelous job on the two headsculpts that we’ve seen so far. It’s nice to know we are getting closer to the release of the Creature with the reveal of some of the accessories that he’ll come with which includes three interchangeable heads, a harpoon gun, and a skeletal creature hand.

It’s nice to get a gallery for Invisible Monsters Donatello which looks really good and comes with plenty of accessories. I’m not that interested in Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Zombo figure but I have to say the Ultimate figures do look great and I wonder if they have plans to do figures from the original Munsters series.

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