NECA 31 Nights of Fright Part 3

Here’s the list of a final lot of reveals from NECA’s month-long reveal event. Here are the reveals from the 20th to the 31st of October. Most of the reveals were for their Universal Monsters Ultimate line and their Head Knocker line with some other nice surprises thrown in.

Outside of their Universal Monsters and Body Knockers lines, they showed off some really cool surprises. The Thing Dog Thing looks incredibly disgusting, I am not too sure how they’ll release the different stages of the Dog Thing like in a four-pack or something. They revealed a number of Body Knockers which look really good but don’t interest me that much. It was nice to see the Toony Terrors expanded further with Captain Spaulding who looks very much like Sid Haig.

Next up is the teaser for the Saw Ultimate figures which is really interesting as NECA hasn’t done any figures since the series’ heyday in the late 2000s. I would be interested to see how many figures NECA will do in this line and I think we’ll see some of the figures before the film’s 20th anniversary in 2004. I know fans have been very excited about the Bride of Chucky dolls which are getting closer to getting released with packaging shots of Tiffany. Their Gargoyles line is growing steadily and I would love to collect this line, they teased a figure of Macbeth from the series whom I can’t remember that well but it’s great to see the line expand!

NECA had a lot of focus on Bela Lugosi’s Dracula figure with packaging shots of the Ultimate figure, as well as the packaging for the accessory set which will come out sometime after the figure gets released. I’m really looking forward to getting these! Then finally for Dracula, they showed a London version of Dracula from the Todd Browning film where he briefly visits London. This one is cast in black and white so I am not if they’ll release this version in color or not but I guess they will at some point and it does give high hopes we can get different versions of the characters from the same film.

There was also a reveal that NECA will be doing a London After Midnight figure of Lon Chaney’s character from the long-lost film. Overall I am very happy with most of the reveals, though I was hoping for more new license announcements.

  • Universal Monsters Ultimate Bela Lugosi Dracula Packaging
  • John Carpenter’s The Thing Dog Thing Preview
  • Valak The Nun Head Knocker 3D Scan
  • Billy Head Knocker
  • Gargoyles Macbeth Teaser
  • Toony Terrors Captain Spaulding
  • Universal Monsters London After Midnight Teaser
  • Universal Monsters Dracula Accessory Set Packaging
  • Anabelle Head Knocker
  • Ultimate Saw Figures Teaser
  • Bride of Chucky Tiffany Doll Packaging Shot
  • Universal Monsters Ultimate Dracula

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