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NECA 31 Nights of Fright Nights 23-30

NECA’s 31 Nights of Fright event is now drawing to an end and I have to say there has been a lot of surprises in store with some figures I thought would never happen. Here’s a rundown of the items revealed from the 23rd to the 30th of October.

On the 23rd they revealed the packaging for the Gremlins 2 Ultimate Brain figure, Brain is one of the most iconic Gremlins from Gremlins 2 The New Batch and I am very happy that he is getting a brand new figure with appropriate accessories. This figure should release sometime early next year. Then on the 24th, They revealed the packaging for the Black and White version of The Mummy which uses the original iconic artwork for the box art.

On the 25th They gave an updated look at the upcoming Bride of Chucky lifesize Chucky doll which has been delayed a number of times and will be released sometime next year. These are way out of my price range but I do have to say he looks absolutely excellent! Then on the 26th, they showed the next figure in the Universal Monsters/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover which is Leonardo as Ygor! Not much is known about this figure, i.e when he will be released but he does look great but is a bit of an odd choice as Ygor is the assistant to Dr. Frankenstein. I’ll be keen to know more about this one.

Fans have been waiting a while to see if any monsters will be coming to The Thing line and NECA revealed their first monster which is the Dog Kennel creature which is from the most unsettling scenes in the film. This isn’t painted yet, but it still looks incredibly disgusting and grotesque an amalgamation of different creatures mixed with sinew and flesh absolutely revolting! I would be curious to see how much it’ll cost and how big it is compared to the MacReady figures that we have gotten (though I am still waiting for these to be released in the UK)

Next on the 28th NECA revealed the Black and White version of The Mummy, this is very much like the color version but just in grey and white tones. This will undoubtedly come out sometime next year. On the 29th they revealed a brand new license which really took me by surprise, they revealed that they have the license to The Last of Us videogames and the first figures from this license are The Last of Us Part II Ellie and Joel two-pack. This must be fate as I have only just started playing Part II recently and really enjoying it even though some parts of the game are upsetting.

In this two-pack, you get figures of Joel and Ellie with an assorted amount of weapons that you can use in the game which is fantastic. Joel looks great, but Ellie does look a bit younger than she does in Part II where she is 19. I am stoked that they have given her the backpack. My only other small gripes with this release are that it costs $75 in the US which is quite a bit more than other two-packs have been and that Ellie doesn’t have a holster for the pistols. Though on her back it looks like the shirt is sculpted in such a way that you can tuck the revolver behind the back of the jeans. This set will be released next Spring and I would absolutely love to get it and I do wonder if they have any more plans for other characters in the games. It’s great to see some official figures which are cheaper than the third-party offerings that I have seen, but I do love the look of those too.

Then finally on the 30th they unveiled the Universal Ultimate Bela Legosi Dracula figure which looks outstanding the likeness to Bela is uncanny and I love the sinister smile on his face! He looks incredible and I cannot wait to know more!

Here are the images that NECA has released to coincide with the announcements:

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