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NECA 31 Nights of Fright Nights 17-22 Reveals

NECA continues their month-long event with some more reveals and teasers with some really nice new surprises in store for next year! On The 17th they revealed that they’ll be re-releasing the Bride of Chucky Two-Pack figures which came out a few years ago which is nice and I do wonder if they’ll come with other accessories. On the 18th they revealed packaging art for the Gremlins Demolition two-pack which they showcased a gallery of earlier this month.

Then on the 19th, they revealed the packaging for the color version of the Universal Monsters Ultimate The Wolf-Man color version which looks great using the original poster and it looks great.

On the 20th they revealed a really fantastic figure which I didn’t entirely suspect and that is the Universal Monsters Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover Raphael as Frankenstein’s Monster and I have to say he looks fantastic! He looks absolutely incredible I really love the sculpt it looks phenomenal. I really love the accessories he comes with and the gallery showcases the figure well. The best thing about this figure is that it is not an exclusive it’ll be getting a wider release and will be released early next year. I do wonder who the other turtles will be crossed over with and I am sure we’ll see more of them soon.

Then on the 21st, they revealed that the Gremlins line will have a capsule collection bag which will be released next year. Also on the 21st, it was Bela Lugosi’s birthday so they dropped a teaser for the color version of his Dracula which is just his hand a part of a candle and undoubtedly we’ll see more of him soon! On the 22nd they revealed the artwork for the Toony Terrors My Bloody Valentine Miner figure which should be hitting stores soon. Then on the 23rd, they revealed Hudson for the Gargoyles Ultimate line. It looks like the line is growing at a very steady pace with plenty in the pipeline.

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