NECA 31 Nights of Fright Night 11-16 Reveals

NECA’s 31 Nights of Fright Reveals continues with reveals from nights 11-16 reveals. On the 11th night, NECA revealed a Gremlins accessory set which includes some accessories from the original film like the RC Car that Gizmo rides in at the finale of the film. This set includes soft goods clothing accessories for the Gremlins themselves. You also get slime, a cacoon that looks incredible, and two mini-figures of Gizmo.

On the twelfth night NECA showed off a brand new character for the Gargoyles line and it’s no other than Bronx! Bronx himself looks amazing and what NECA revealed with this reveal is that Bronx comes with some folded wings for Goliath. This will be a running feature with this line are that some of the figures will come with accessories for other characters to add value to the figures and they can justify the price point. On the thirteenth night, NECA revealed a Universal Monsters Blind Bag Capsule Bag and I am very keen to get them to see what goodies come inside, the only problem that I have with them is that they aren’t available here in the UK.

On October the 14th they showed off the packaging for the Halloween II Ultimate Michael Myers & Dr. Loomis Two-Pack. The artwork features the same artwork that features on the recently released Fright-Rags Halloween II t-shirt. This two-pack looks stacked with accessories and I would certainly love to get it! On the 15th of October, it was the 40th anniversary of the release of the original The Evil Dead, and to celebrate NECA fully revealed their Evil Dead Ash Williams figure. I’m not a big fan of this film as I am of its sequels but I do admit this figure looks fantastic and the likeness to Bruce is fantastic and he comes with a lot of accessories. I do wonder if we’ll get a bloody version of ash and maybe some deadites which would be great for the Evil Dead II Ultimate Hero Ash to fight!

Then on the 16th, they revealed the display art for the Toony Terrors Elvira figure which has just been released in the States. Of course, the artwork features a Chaise Lounge which Elvira is usually seen resting or sitting on which she’s hosting horror films. All of these products will be released either later this year or next year.

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