4 Comments on NECA 3.75 Inch Gears of War Series 2

  1. Need More Figures

    they left out dizzy, Benjamin Carmine, Sam, Tai, Michael Barrick, Richard Prescott, Bernadette Mataki and Alicia Valera and dont get me started on the locust i mean i want a wrench figure and some Lambert and for Christ sake where is Myrrah the god dam queen

  2. Juan R.

    Forget that 3.75″ line. Those things look terrible. Keep on with the 6&7″ line and bring in tai, dizzy, sam, bernie, a new hoffman, prescott, griffin, zeta squad, savage locust series, the queen, wretches, lambents, berserkers! Do I need to keep going here. Those 6 & 7″ figures are so awesome, and they’re letting down a lot of fans by ignoring all our requests and launching a new line of mini figures based off of the ones we already have. Lame… Smh

  3. Oh shut up Juan R. i cannot believe you would honestly be critical of the Gears of war 3/34 scale as that is what every collector within a certain market will go for and of course it would appear that this sort of video gaming toy and vehicle thing appeals to the mass market of kids who go for this sort of thing. So Juan R. i give this piece of info to make you aware that not everyone goes for 6/7' figures as that is more of a collectors interest but if you're a kid and you find they should have more focus on the 6/7' then that would be a request to be put to them at this link here So this is something that you can put to them during your critical review on what you think of the 3/34 so far.

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