NECA 12 Days of Christmas Visual Guides

As a tradition for NECA in the runup to Christmas, they upload visual guides for all the releases from all their lines which they update every year if the line is still going. What’s really nice about these are the little surprises and teases that NECA sometimes includes in them. So far they have uploaded galleries for Alien, Predator, TMNT Movie, TMNT Cartoon, E.T, and Boxed Retro.

It’s always nice to get these to track your progress in which figures you have and which ones you still need if you want to complete your collection. It also states if some of the items are some sort of exclusive (like SDCC) so you know if they are easy to track down or not,

In the TMNT Movie visual guide you can see Keno with his scooter from Secret of the Ooze, I did know prior to this that NECA released a teaser of an unpainted version of the character next to the actor Ernie Reyes Jr. who played him in the film. As of yet, we don’t know how this figure will be released but I am sure some details about it will be released soon.

So far we’ll still waiting to see guides for their Ultimate figures, Classic Comic Heroes, and Retro figures on Bubble cards. Also on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, they reveal more figures which is always something to look forward to.

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