15 Comments on My Top 5 (ish) DC Direct Public Enemies figures

  1. Nick Lenihan

    First things first…

    Bizarro Batman = A badass figure. I NEED to track one of those guys down. He should have made #1 IMO.

    WTF is wrong with Superman. Holy cow Batman, comical to say the very least. And at the end, after the “Physical” lyrics, I was expecting the final picture to be Richard Simmons. LOL.

    • y.f.n.jman

      lol! what’s funny is that i actually heard that song on the TV, after i typed the lyrics. i was cracking up!

      the bizarro superman is pretty cool, too…but he’s got that stupid short cape, too. so…he didn’t make the list, either. but Bizarro Batman? he’s definitely badass…

  2. Saldutti

    Ok, I “mostly” agree with you. BUT, what about the superman as shazam figure. Indeed, the cape is still too short, but the figure and premise are awesome!

    • y.f.n.jman

      lol! agreed, it is a good figure. and probably belongs on this list. but, believe it or not…i don’t own that one! i have that hideous Supergirl and Powergirl, but never got around to getting that Shazam/Superman figure!

  3. strongest mustache

    the captain marvel, bizarro and captain atom figs from this series were the only ones i was interested in. i really blame it on the overly jacked sculpt used for pretty much all of them. the comic series was totally awesome.
    i dont think batman should be so huge and i didnt want a bunch of clones with dif heads. so i picked my favorite and it was captain marvel! i think the really plane look with the jacked body is perfect for him. its really simple, but it stands out and fits really well. compared to most not as jacked and very detailed angry black adam figs, it is great.
    lol, i never liked that supes either. he is freakish. and i never noticed the tiny mary marvel size cape!!!! hahahaha. the captain marvel family used to all have short over the shoulder kind of capes so that doesnt tweak me out liek superman’s does! that is cracking me up!

    • y.f.n.jman

      i’m totally onboard with your buying style. that’s how i operate anymore.

      i’m really kind of partial to the story and art, so…i felt more of an obligation to buy most of the figures. i don’t have the Shazam figure or the Superman as Shazam figure, either. i’m pretty sure i have the rest.

      looking at the figures today…i definitely would not have gotten half of them. but, that’s hindsight for ya!

    • y.f.n.jman

      a lot of truth there.

      what are you trying to say, anyway?!?!? 🙂

      i’ve also got Supergirl, Powergirl, Batwoman and Superwoman. the Supergirl and Powergirl figs are pretty…meh. and c’mon. we’re talking Supergirl and Powergirl here! i almost included Batwoman and/or Superwoman, but…they just didn’t make the cut.

      i also have Joker/Mxy. They’re both very cool. But, they’re not opened. so, there’s that.

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