My Face On A Figure Custom 12 Inch Action Figure Review

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as an action figure? Well, I have. So I ordered myself a My Face On A Figure Custom 12 Inch Action Figure from

At My Face On A Figure, you can select everything about your custom action figure, from the clothes to the body size. I elected for the 12-inch figure though they do have 8-inch figures also available. I received my figure very fast too. I ordered it on a Friday night and it shipped on the following Tuesday, arriving on that Thursday. Less than 1 week to get my custom figure!

That’s enough babbling for now, let’s just jump right into the review!


Probably the best thing about these figures is that they come in fully customizable clamshell style packaging. The clamshell is resealable, so you can play with yourself and then store yourself back in the package.

You can have 2 different lines of text on the front of the card. For my custom text, I chose my name for the first line and website for the second line.

To the left of the figure, you can also upload your very own image of whatever you want to be on the packaging. I chose the website logo.

The actual background is customizable too. My Face On A Figure has a whole bunch of cards for you to choose from. After you customize the packaging you can preview it right on their website. Make sure you use high-resolution photos for the best results.

The back of the card wasn’t customizable at all, as it basically tells you more about Figures Toy Company and advertises for you to go to their website.


One thing that you need to know about the custom head is that it’s NOT made of plastic. My Face On A Figure uses a 3D printer to print your face directly from the photos that you upload to them. This is another part that you want to have high quality, high-resolution photos for. The better the photos you upload, the better you head will turn out.

Below you can see the picture I sent to My Face on a Figure and the finished head.

I had a slight beard on my picture and it appears that it is accounted for on the actual custom 12 inch head. When you are making your figure online you will also have the choice to pick whatever hairstyle suits  you.


Since the paint on the face is actually printed on with a 3D printer, you are not going to want to get your head wet or all the color will wash off. The color on the face comes directly from your photos that you send to My Face on a Figure. I think that the color really adds to the likeness overall.

The hair color, however, isn’t taken from your photos. It is just a standard color that they have. They have a wide selection of colors for the hairstyle that you choose.


If you are ordering the complete figure like I did, then you will also have the choice of which clothing that you want you action figure to wear. I just chose the standard business suit. The clothing is pretty basic, though my opinion may be a little spoiled after all of the Hot Toys action figures that I have picked up recently.


The articulation of the body underneath the clothing isn’t super articulated, though you can get quite a few poses out of him. They have articulation like the classic MEGO action figures. Meaning, the hips and shoulders are all connected via a rubber band. This type of articulation isn’t my favorite for an action figure.

The arm movement is fine, though the way the legs are attached make it very hard to get any natural looking poses out of him. He is also lacking swivel joints at his ankles, making it even harder to get a good pose out of the legs.


I have always wanted to have a custom action figure of myself, and now thanks to My Face on a Figure, it’s possible. While the body and clothing are pretty basic, you can also just order a head. I would recommend this if you want a more articulated figure.

Otherwise, for gifting purposes, I think that a custom action figure is a pretty cool idea. The 8-inch figures have more costume options than the 12-inch figure too. You can give your custom action figure whatever look you want. It brings playing with yourself to a whole new level!


If you are interested in ordering a custom action figure of yourself, here are your options at

  • A complete custom 12-inch action figure (just like I reviewed) – $99
  • A custom 12-inch mego-style figure head – $69.95
  • A complete custom 8-inch action figure – $69.99
  • A custom 8-inch mego-style figure head – $49.99

ALSO, they don’t sell just Mego-style heads, they can also do heads that fit on modern-day figures. Those range in price from $24.99 (3 3/4″ figure) up to $69.95 (12″ modern figure). They can also do two-packs with the custom figures, those are $129.00. It can be two of the same person, or two different people.

If interested, go check out and start making your figure now.

This figure was supplied by the manufacturer. All text and opinions are that of the reviewer.


By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.


    1. I see what you mean. I think that the likeness is there below the nose the most, but the rest of the face is more generic. The way that the figures are printed with the 3D printer really place limits on the likeness. If they sculpted the head I think that the likeness would be way better.

      This was also a 12 inch figure with a non-removeable head. I think that if you got just the head (for a modern figure) you would have a completely different result. I am not sure if their printing process is different for those heads or not.

    1. I agree. People are talking about 3D printers taking over the action figure industry. I would just like to bring up this as an example to why they are not.

  1. I ordered mine. Paid in advance. They sent the proof… no body was able to recognize me there, nor family or friends. I was not going to pay almost 200 dollars for a figure not even close to me… so I cancelled. they charged 20% fees… This is a scam for me… they should show you what you are going to get before you place the order. I did not cancel because I made up my mind but because their work is terrible and not delivering me what was promissed.

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