MOTUC Fang Man Packaged Images + Thoughts

MOTUC Fang Man Packaged Images

MattyCollector has shared the MOTUC Fang Man Packaged Images with us. This is going to be the March 2013 MOTUC subscription figure. The images aren’t even the best part of this post. Mattel’s Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich posted the following questions to Master of the Universe Collectors over on yesterday:

I’ve seen a lot of comments today on Facebook about Fangman not being worth $25/$27.00. I wish it was less expensive to make these figures but reality being what it is, production/material costs have risen necessitating this price increase (that in all fairness we announced back in July!).

As we start looking at a potential 2014 line, do fans want the same quality/accessories and package we have now, or would you prefer we found ways to cost reduce the figures back down to $20.00? This would likely include things like very minimal packaging (i.e. a polly bag), no accessories and reduced deco.

What say you? Keep as is or go for a less expensive version of figures that can come in closer to $20.00? Just curious what everyone’s thoughts are.


Myself I wouldn’t really mind if they took away the packaging to reduce the cost of the figures, but taking away the accessories would just be a NO GO. I open all my figures anyways, so packaging really isn’t that big of a deal for me.

If Mattel did take away the packaging though, they would loose all of the MOC collectors. Maybe they should just pick better figures that the fans really want?

What do you think should be done with the MOTUC line? Should Mattel drop the price point down to $20 and give up the packaging they have now along with the accessories?

Anyways, I present you the MOTUC Fang Man Packaged Images:


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