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Mortal Kombat Mileena Statue with Tarkata Head Sculpt

Mortal Kombat Mileena 1/3 Scale Statue by Pop Culture Shock

I remember back in the olden days when my little brother and I used to get into huge fights over Mortal Kombat, he said he wouldn’t play with me anymore if I continued to be Mileena. But hey, it’s not my fault she totally kicks ass! This gigantic statue of her has the coolest statue base I’ve seen in a while, and comes with an interchangeable head sculp. It also seems to me to be a little more modest than her original video game costume, but I suppose it’s for the best. This statue is uncomfortably sexy. Let’s check ‘er out!

How tall is the Mortal Kombat Mileena statue?

The 1/3 scale murdering mutant hottie statue will measure out to 28 inches (71 cm) tall.

What are the interchangeable head sculpts?

Well, for those familiar with the Mortal Kombat games, you’ll remember all the rumors about what lies beneath Mileena’s veil. I’m not sure if Midway ever confirmed or denied the rumors, but I remember everyone kind of assumed she had a freaky Tarkatan mouth like the character Baraka. Pop Culture Shock confirms this with a disturbing alternate head sculpt featuring a giant mouth full of monster teeth! It’s very creepy. Other than the teeth, there are some noticeable stylistic differences between the two heads. The un-masked version looks more evil, with crazy aggressive eyebrows and squinty eyes, with her bangs covering one eye.

For those who aren’t into gigantic mutant demon teeth, there’s also a sculpt featuring Mileena wearing her lace-up veil/mask, looking a little more put-together.

What else is cool about the statue?

The designers over at PCS gave the statue a mixed media costume, which I presume means there’s a little fabric or leather somewhere. It’s incredibly hard to tell in the photos they provided; they’re all photoshopped and fancy looking. The golden chain belt thing she’s wearing is very cool and looks like it’s actual metal, as are her Sai’s. She also comes with interchangeable bloody sais.

The base is where it’s at! What’s it look like?

The base of the Mortal Kombat Mileena statue looks like molten lava that is possessed or something. It’s got angry faces! I don’t know why I think it’s so cool, but it’s pretty dang cool.

Alright, now for the hard part. How much does it cost?

This massive Mortal Kombat Mileena statue just went up for pre-order this afternoon, for $699.99. However, if you pre-order now, PCS is offering a limited time discounted price of $629.99! Discounted…. right.

Check out the gallery below, and let me know your favorite part! (You can’t say her butt. That’s everyone’s favorite part.)

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