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More Star Wars Black Series and Vintage Collection.

Just this Tuesday Hasbro had more Star Wars products to reveal for the Bring Home The Bounty Event. This time they revealed another helmet for their prop replica Black Series line and two figures for the Vintage Collection. The helmet replica is Bo Kotan’s from The Mandalorian series and the two figures are Deluxe Vintage Collection The Book of Boba Fett Boba Fett and Vintage Collection The Book of Boba Fett Fennec Shand.

The helmet looks extremely fantastic! I really love the visual effect on the viewfinder it’s brilliant and I love the interior workings of the helmet. They have captured the look of her helmet very well I really dig the design of it. If you can afford these and collect these Bo Katan’s helmet would really stand out in your collection!

Now for the Vintage Collection figures. The Boba Fett is a deluxe release and comes with his EE-3 Carbine rifle and his sidearm which he has used since his first appearance in The Mandalorian. He also included a removable helmet, two Storm Trooper helmets, and blast effects for his jetpack and blaster rifle. I really love the soft goods on this figure

Then there’s Fennec Shand who looks great but doesn’t look as good as her Black Series counterpart but comes with a lot of accessories including an extra rifle and the bottle she drinks from when Boba takes Jabba’s throne at the end of the second series of The Mandalorian. Also, I love the art card on this release.

Both of these figures are scheduled to be released sometime in the Spring/Summer. I am really impressed with these figures and even though I am not a big collector of the Vintage Collection I would love to get these in my collection.

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