More G.I. Joe Pre-Orders!

Today Hasbro has put up more pre-orders for the Walmart Collector Con event which hits just right around the time of Comi-Con with reveals and pre-orders from their biggest lines. Today they announced three new G.I. Joe figures The three new figures Crimson Alley Viper, Mole Rat & Shooter. They revealed the galleries just a few days ago and were officially revealed today and are available exclusively at Walmart and exclusively available on Hasbro Pulse in the UK.

I am really excited to see Mole Rat & Shooter as they are completely new figures, one an army builder and one a character. Before I mention anything I really like the story that they have built with these reveals with the Mole Rats investigating something and getting infected with a zombie-like virus and the Crimson Alley Vipers are sent in to clear that up and G.I. Joe sends in Shooter to investigate.

The Mole Rat looks to be a fantastic army builder with plenty of tools and an interchangeable head. I really love the look of this as you can army-build some Mole Rats or infected Mole Rats. I ordered two of these. The Crimson Alley Viper is just a repaint of the Alley Viper so I’m not all that much interested in it.

I was really intrigued by Shooter when I first saw her. She looks really unique and she certainly stands out. The weapons look really unique and I love the interchangeable hair feature they have used on a number of figures so I’m very happy to see it again.

I have pre-ordered two Mole Rats and Shooter and they are scheduled to be released in March of next year.

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