More Details on the Herocross Predalien Figures

Herocross Predalien figures

UPDATE: Both Herocross Predalien figures are available on Entertainment Earth, the Wolf Predator for $94.99, and the Pred-alien with eggs for $89.99.

Herocross has revealed details about their latest action figures from the Alien vs Predator universe, the Hybrid Metal Figuration AvP Wolf Predator and the Hybrid Metal Figuration Predalien, as licensed by 20th Century Fox.

The Predalien figure is 5.5 inches tall (~14cm) and boasts an amazing 30 points of articulation while the Wolf Predator features 20 points of articulation and is approximately 6 inches tall (~15cm). Both figures will be made of high-quality plastic which when combined with the previously mentioned articulatory means that the figure will be incredibly stable while also stable and firm, making it an excellent item for both maneuvering and for displaying. The Predalien statue is so detailed that it even features a mechanical inner jaw which can be seen after pressing a hidden button on the figure. The Predalien will also include a little bonus for buyers of the Limited Edition, who will besides a closed xenomorph egg also receive an open one as well. The Wolf Predator comes with bonus content included such as swappable hands, extended and retracted combisticks, a whip, a medicomp, and a removable mask revealing the predator’s true face. Both figures come with a stand for posing and displaying.

Both figures can be pre-ordered now on for a price of $102.94 each, with the estimated release and shipping date being sometime in the second quarter of 2016. The Herocross Predalien figures are great collector’s items for both casual fans of the AvP franchise who would play with it occasionally, and for those collectors who would keep it boxed and in mint condition. The figures that can be observed on the photos are still, however, in the prototype phase and the final product might slightly differ. As a matter of fact, the Wolf Predator is still pending a licensor approval, but there shouldn’t really be any issues when it comes to the release.


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