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More DC Multiverse Reveals from McFarlane

McFarlane Toys have revealed more DC Multiverse figures. The reveals are

  • Hush
  • Hush vs Batman Two-Pack
  • Tim Drake Red Robin
  • Grifter
  • Jon Kent Superman
  • Anti-Crisis Wonder Woman

I know that Grifter is a Wild Storm character which is now owned by DC Comics. I know that Grifter often uses guns but because of the DC mandate, he doesn’t come with guns. He does look great though. There are some differences between the two Hush figures in the color of the gloves and the accessories. Both figures of Hush are based on his original appearance in the comics and the Batman in the two-pack is based on his appearance in the comics too.

I really like the look of the Tim Drake Red Robin. He does look great and very unique and I think I have seen this costume in one of the Arkham games for a different costume for Robin. As of yet, we don’t know what wave he will be in and you can say the same for the Jon Kent Superman which is a new figure, and the Anti-Crisis Wonder Woman which is a re-paint. I really like the look of these figures and I am very happy that they have given the Jon Kent Superman interchangeable hands. The release date of these figures is unknown and as of yet aren’t up for pre-order on UK sites yet. Though the Hush, Batman vs Hush two-pack, and Grifter are up for pre-order here in the UK.

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