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4 Comments on Mondo TMNT Sixth Scale Figures Pre-Order This Week, Exclusive Versions Also Available

  1. Casey Stelken

    Yikes. Toy process are getting outrageous!

    I would gladly have shelled out $200 for all four figures. But SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for four naked green plastic turtles? This is Insulting! We all know there’s NO WAY the production costs justify that retail price!

    And the really sad thing, to me, is that there are ALL KINDS of people who agree with me in their heart, but will not hesitate to shell these ridiculous prices out anyway, because they think they have to. If I had my way, Mondo wouldn’t get one single sale with this line until they put them on clearance, so people would get a fair deal, and Mondo would still male plenty of profit… they just wouldn’t be COMPLETELY taking advantage of us.

    The same goes for Hot Toys.

    • Nick Lenihan

      Hi Casey,

      I totally agree with you that Mondo is probably gouging us on the price. You also need to keep in mind that they just started making collectibles, so they probably don’t have the pricing and production down to where it could be just yet.

      I think what we are paying for on these figures are:
      1. Articulation
      2. Paint
      3. Accessories

      I personally would have expected $400 for the set, even though they are pretty naked.

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