Mondo Donatello Sixth Scale Figure Based on Eastman and Laird Comic Book Pre-Orders Today

Today, the Mondo Donatello sixth scale figure is going to be going up for pre-order on Mondo’s website. Based on the original Eastman and Laird comic book, Donatello, the genius inventor of the TMNT, features 25+ points of articulation, interchangeable heads & hands, with weapons & accessories taken right from the pages of the comic book!

Accessories Include:
– Classic Comic Red Mask Head
– Cartoon Purple Mask Head
– Bo Staff
– 1 set of C-Grip Hands
– 1 set of Climbing Claw Hands
– Unique “Vertical Thumb of Affirmation” Hand
– 2 Four-Point Shuriken
– 2 Eight-Point Shuriken
– Grappling Hook and Cord
– Utrom Blaster
– Belt with Bo Holster
– Utrom Commander
– Pre-Mutation Baby Donatello

PRICE: $149.99

Limited to 500, the Mondo Exclusive version will also include Gravitic Equalizer from Donatello Issue #1, shown below! The price of the exclusive is $159.99. If you want this exclusive version, I have a feeling you are going to want to buy it instantly. The exclusive 4-pack has already sold out with Leonardo, so the only way to get the exclusive is to be fast enough to get one of the 500.

Pre-orders are available right now. Find them all here.

By Bryan Stewart

Bryan first discovered an appreciation for action figures at an early age, setting up elaborate GI Joe ant hill attacks, complete with firework pyrotechnics. Due to the high injury rate for the Joes, replacements were a constant necessity.

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  1. Very nice looking indeed. And as a longtime fan of every comic series of the Turtles (minus the Image Comics ones, too “wild” in certain aspects of the TMNT mythos, in my perspective), I specially appreciate the Gravity Glove from the Donatello one-shot.

    As far as I can remember, never any Donatello figure has had the Glove.
    However, I’m not as sold on Donatello’s color, as I am, for instance, on Leonardo’s. The latter’s color is more in tone with the classic comics in general, as Don’s color reminds me too much of that vintage first Wave of TMNT Playmates figures….that brown-ish/olive color….not a fan. For that reason, the NECA figures (and their multicolored high-quality bootleg versions) will pretty much replace these.

    Finally, and I’m sure this is nitpicking, but I hardly remember any depiction of the Multicolored Headband Turtles in which they they had a tail, aside from some “special one-shot editions”.

    Take a look at these infinitely cheaper ones (I know, they got tails, but, once again, “cheaper” and not that bad looking!):

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