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Mezco’s One:12 Netflix Daredevil Revealed

Mezco Reveals One:12 Netflix’s Man With No Fear!

Mezco’s One:12 Collective line continues to grow from strength to strength and expand with new licenses. Over the last few years, Mezco has released more and more Marvel figures both from the MCU & Comic Books.

Now Mezco in the past few months has been delving into the Netflix MCU. In May they put up Netflix Punisher for pre-order based on his appearance in his own series.

During SDCC they revealed two Daredevil figures. One based on his black suit from the first series and his more iconic look from the second series. I have seen many images based on this appearance and I have to say it’s pretty spot on.

The One:12 series uses both soft goods and plastics to give these figures a higher quality look and feel. The suit is made of a vinyl material with pieces of soft goods on top to make his armor stand out. I love the kevlar look which is a subtle touch.

The boots, head, and hands are plastic and blend well with the look of the figure.

Daredevil features 28 points of articulation which is standard for the line. He comes with three sets of interchangeable hands. A set of gripping hands, fists and a set of posing hands and two interchangeable heads one with a normal blank expression and one with gritted teeth.

Also included is his two billy clubs which can hold together or separate and held in the thigh holster. He also comes with a standard display base and adjustable posing arm. I think this a great looking release, but I feel there are some missing accessories that could take it to the next level. Such as a cracked mask head, a bleeding smile head or a Matt Murdock head. Or a set of billy clubs with a rope would be ace.

Overall this is a fantastic looking figure and if you’re a fan of the series it’s a must-have. With the Punisher coming out sometime beforehand they’ll look great on display.

The figure will be released between January and March next year and will cost around $80

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