Mezco Toy Fair 2021 Day 3 Reveals

Today Mezco revealed some more new figures and licenses for their One:12 line and I have to say there are some exciting new figures.

For Marvel, Mezco revealed a Spider-Gwen figure which they call Ghost-Spider. This figure does look brilliant and the costume looks great. I am very keen to know more about the accessories that she’ll come with.

I know that Mezco is doing an Ultraman figure in their retro 5 poa line so it makes logical sense that they are doing a One:12 version as well. I am not too familiar with it.

They have revealed another Rumble Society figure which looks rather interesting. I’m sure we’ll know more about this in the near future.

I have to say it was very unexpected that Mezco has got the license from Hasbro to do Mezco One:12 G.I. Joe figures. The first figure that they are revealing in this line is Destro and I have to say he looks amazing. I am a big fan of the Classified Series and I am very excited to see what figures Mezco releases in the One:12 line.

Most excitingly for me, they revealed a Gotham by Gaslight Batman figure in their One:12 line and I have to say he looks absolutely fantastic. I love the Gotham by Gaslight costume and I have the Mattel DC Multiverse Batman figure which is okay and of course, this looks far better. It’s unclear at this time what accessories he comes with but I am very keen to see what they are. The costume looks amazing and I simply cannot wait to get more details on this figure and I hope it’s a standard retail release.

Here’s a breakdown of the figures they revealed today:

  • Marvel Comics – Ghost-Spider (aka Spider-Gwen)
  • DC Comics – Gotham by Gaslight Batman
  • Ultraman
  • Rumble Society – Unnamed Figure
  • G.I. Joe – Destro

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